Ci diversifica il non voler essere solo un'azienda di commercializzazione di pavimenti e rivestimenti, ma anche e soprattutto un partner affidabile e preparato, attento ai bisogni del cliente ogni qualvolta si ricerchino soluzioni mai banali.

Our history



1895 Francesco Gado founds GADO in Genoa and is commissioned to execute the mosaic flooring of the fashionable promenade of Via XX Settembre

1933 His son Celestino moves to Pavia to work on paving the floor of the town’s Theatre followed by the restoration of the mosaics in several historical churches including the world famous Certosa di Pavia and Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milano.
The firm’s activity expands to embrace an ever growing range of materials and search for innovation which begins the tradition that will see GADO increasingly as the fine alternative to the demands of the mass market.

1950 Gianni Gado, son of Celestino and a trained artist with a profound love for materials and their architectural history, joins his father introducing more innovative designs and new types of marbles imported from all over the world which are by now worked within the firm’s own workshop.

The well stock deposit of marbles and stones is complemented by an impressive array of personally selected ceramic, majolica, mosaic and parquets, all suited to satisfy any requests but primarily intended to meet the needs that mass production cannot possibly fulfill, whether restoring a castle or planning a loft.

The research for the authenticity of materials stems from the various requests to restore important historical homes to exacting and time-coherent standards. The great collection of antique recovered materials comprises old paving stones, hand-shaped terracotta and large format wood flooring which are firstly restored, stocked and ready to be employed to match the historical character of the environments which they are destined to.

The contemporary aspect of our production is also complemented by objects, furnishings and fireplaces, all crafted following designs which are exclusive and unique.

GADO has often featured in sector publications and is proud to have collected over the years a number of selected clients who keep returning to take advantage of the choices on offer but foremost to sample the knowledge and appreciation of a craft that is the result of over a century of dedication.